America, not First any more. Pitty!

My post from January 21st clearly stated, that I am not evaluating Donald Trump, but his inaugurals statements only. I claimed that America First position that he clearly underlined is not only highly liberal but beneficial not only for USA but for the rest of the world as well. Let me repeat one important statement:

With that I want to stress that I cannot be sure how Donald Trump understood his inaugural speech. Only after we see some of his acts we will be able to come a little bit closer to what he really had “in mind”.

It did not pass 100 days and we already see that Donald forgot what he said completely. It would indeed be highly unlikely that his ego would be enough to change the course of USA military industry and some other particular interests. America is not first any more, but Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea and China. Attention, resources and PR energy shifted overnight from making America strong to defeating our enemies abroad, whoever that might be in particular moment.

As I said such a shift was foreseeable and not much attention should be devoted to Trump revealed as just one another mainstream president. Why then am I devoting time and space to this issue?

The reason is quite obvious, at least for those that were not blinded by emotions seeing anti-intellectual taking a post of the president of the most powerful state on earth. Whole intellectual (almost whole) global community attacked America First statement as a confirmation, that Trump is stupid isolationist, that wants to break established international relations and especially that he is a racist and fighter against multiculturalism. Should those critics of Trump not live in cognitive dissonance they should applaud recent Trump shift away from America First. But they did not. Some of them are simply silent (obviously noticing cognitive dissonance in which they live) and some simply forgot and fight against Trump on the basis of values that contradict their values couple of months ago as much as Trump present values contradict his values from Inaugural speech.

I would expect that intellectuals could and should have a strength to reflect the situation and to evaluate Trump inaugural speech as a solid execution of liberal position and his recent actions as utterly anti-liberal. It would perhaps make sense for such so called intellectuals to read and take seriously writings of Founding Fathers of USA. It would make sense, but it will not happen.

Andrej Drapal