Brand formula

Brand formula helps us to visualize key factors of brand story. It helps us visualize brand identity complexity on one page. Brand formula does not represent essence of a brand. Brand has no essence. Living (complex) systems have no essence. Branding standard model formula simulates complexity, but has to be understood as frozen in specific time/space moment.  That means that we should not equal brand formula to brand itself. Brand is alive, closer to story that to brand formula. Brand stories emerge from brand formula element’s permutations.

But even brand stories can not represent brand in it’s complexity. Brand emerges as a result of interaction between a subject (brand consumer) and brand moments of truth. Moments of truth are points where user experiences brand. In fact brand does not exist but through moments of truth. Outside those moments brand is pure potentiality. So brand formula represent us a picture of brand’s potential values that can be actualized through user experience. Since each user is in itself unique complex system, each actualization is different from another. Brand formula is the simplest tool that helps us to manage brands.

This is the shortest possible story about brand, brand identity and brand actualization. Brandlife (2016) is revealing this story in full.


Andrej Drapal