Emergence upgraded

When I started to write a book on emergence around 2004 and published it in 2008 (How things emerge) and when I decided to focus my blog page (this one) around emergence, I could not imagine that a discovery about emergence of time from entanglement would “emerge” from quantum mechanics research. Recent theories speculate that time emerges as an “involuntary” result of entanglement. I had no specific intention to build entanglement tag from the beginning. Only later I found out that “entanglement” is building up from my posts. As surprised I am, I let it go, I let it emerge.

Same goes for the emergence of “god” in my blog. It just happened. And from this article we can see that god, emergence, time and entanglement make sense together. Time per se does not exist. It emerges. Time emerges for observers from the system (inside the universe), but not for “observers” outside the system. The god really lives out of time (and space).

This experiment from Ekatarina Moreva is a huge push for physicists, but I do claim that is even more important challenge for philosophers. It is a huge step forward for integrated science that would start to understand that physics is as strong as much integrates philosophy, and philosophy is as strong as it reflects physics. Both are strong as integrated. The necessary step towards this integration being the acceptance that there is no difference in the objectivity of methods being used by one or by another.

And what a surprise. A question of emergence and results of complex systems is important also for science of economy or catallactics. F.A Hayek’s Fatal Conceit, published in 1988, is not so much a book about Socialism, but even more about the phenomena of emergence in everyday economics. I was surprised because emergence is clearly non-existent concept in economy at least in most popular economy. Hayek in this book brilliantly explains why linear logic fails to conceptualize human actions in economy. In this book Hayek presents even more concise explanation of what emergence really is than Stuart Kauffman book The Origins of Order from 1993. Strongly recommend!




Andrej Drapal