Equality dead end

Discalceation is a rite of uncovering feets before approaching holy ground. It is still widely performed in buddhist, hindu and muslim religions (eastern religions) but forgotten in christian (western).

Among other symbolic meanings discalceation itself discerns between different levels of ground. If followed it forces us to discern.

If there is no force to discern we forget to discern. If there is no need to see light and then to see dark, everything is grey. Every ground is the same. If there is no difference, there is no sense. It doesn’t matter, so I do not care. Everything is equal, so what! So what everything! Values do not matter any more as well.

This is why we (westerners) suddenly started to feel incomprehensible power behind “eastern” belief systems. They do care and we don’t. They do win, since they care.

There is a difference between striving and caring. We strive, but don’t care. We strive in grey equality, that is equality of our grey minds (not grey matter) that can not differentiate one ground from another. A tragic dead end of equality of men.

From the evolution point this dead end of western mind is not so tragic. It is only minor deviation of around 500 years (from Renaissance on) on a background of 6000 years of modern thought and perhaps around 100.000 years of civilization. This “so what” equalization is doomed in any case. Sooner or later. For the reason explained above.

That is why I support uncovering hats (caps) before and after a round of golf.

Andrej Drapal