Global warming as a new type of global war

If there was one graf ever published, that proved as much as possible (no graph, no data, can ever prove anything!) that human activity has neglectable influence on megatrends in earth surface temperature, this is the one, published in 2839 New Scientist.

Global warming scam

Evaluating all factors in over complex environment is futile. Even human life cycle is too complex to extrapolate one individual’s future even for 1 second. Complex system of 7 billion humans is even more unpredictable. When you then extrapolate human complexity on zillions of other factors that are each one connected to another with various types of feedback loops that form on all levels of size (quantum – macro) and all levels of time – then claiming that one set of elements have decisive influence on in global warming trends is hilariously pretentious. It is in fact a comi-tragic point of western world illusion that man can manipulate with its environment. Comic, because it is so pretentious. Tragic, because we are all paying useless gadgets that emerged from this global warming cancer meme.

Earth's history blows hot and cold

But then we can easily understand global warming scam if we put it in right memetic perspective. It is not a scam, but a war. A memetic war. Do you want a proof?

Global warming war

Here it is: Doomsday clock. Up until year 2002, Doomsday clock evaluate threats of nuclear war for humankind. From 2007 on Science and Security Board for this clock introduces climate change and global warming as a threat equal to nuclear war. In 2017 report climate change occupies much larger chunk than nuclear threat. While even scientists cannot coordinate clock timings with the fact that after Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear disaster not even a single man died from nuclear weapon, they had to invent something else: climate change.

And yes, indeed. Climate change is much deadlier weapon than whole arsenal of nuclear bombs on earth. Climate change meme war kills with no warning and with devastating result. I am not talking a result visible in climate, but a result hidden in human civilization. It is a global war of few that sucks blood from the rest of the world on the account of memetic threat of climate change. That is memetic threat is proven above, for we cannot physically change climate not in theory and even less in practice. In accordance to Steven Pinker assessments human civilization made nationalistic wars and even religious wars almost obsolete. With the rare exception of present Muslim threat, and the everlasting fight against poverty, climate change is the battleground of present time.

Each war has to has enemies, battleground and a kind of front. In the case of climate change war a whole new topology evolved. Front is global, transnational. And it looks like propagators of climate change war are the same those that minimize Muslim religious war threat and at the same time enhance a war against poverty. But while victims of religious wars and poverty die physically (though both wars are memetic at the same time), victims of climate change war do not even realize they (we) are victims. Climate change war has developed the deadliest possible weapon, that the victim does not feel at all, since it is drugged beforehand (with appropriate memes) like victims of sex drugs.

With climate change memes the truth about memes as viruses of the mind became more than apparent; for those at least that have been able to develop memetic medicine against specific global warming memes.

Andrej Drapal


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