Is brand’s single voice achievable?

I like Quora very much. People ask questions there. since we all know that there are no stupid questions but only stupid answers I tend to interact from time to time even in cases when my initial sense urges me not to. some apparently “stupid” question quite often leads me to certain areas of thought I would have never go without the help of such question.

It seemed to me that this question was one of such. What do Republicans say about global warming? First of all it is quite apparent from the question that it was posed intentionally. In the present high tensions arising from conflicting views on causes for global warming or even on existence of global warming, everyone should know what Republicans say about it: they deny it. What would then be a reason for anyone to answer this question.

That is why:

One has to be cautious with words and namings. It is impossible to define what all those individuals that understand themselves as republicans say about anything. Same is valid for all individuals that are party members. Even party members might have slightly different views on many important issues.  One might then say that at least a party as an agent, as a brand,  has a statement about certain issue.  But then it is often easy to find prominent party members that would again at least slightly disagree with such a common party voice.

So neither republicans nor democrats nor any other party can in theory express any clear position about anything. Should that be possible, such party would soon have one member only. There are only individual opinions, views, that might be co branded to certain party brand. Each such different voice adds up to complexity of any party brand.

Same rule should be applied to any brand that rests on more than one person. Sometimes we tend to think that at least a commercial entity should have single voice as a brand. It is by definition easier to obtain higher unanimity of voices in commercial entities since hierarchy there tends to rest on internal commercial exchange of values (employment contracts) then in entities like countries or regions that also enter different markets as brands. But even  commercial entities can not achieve single voice for the simple but often misunderstood reason stated above: it is a man that represents the highest level of complexity that can still have single voice. (Though we all know that even a man is always a split personality with many voices).

Andrej Drapal