Liberal & conservative again

It amuses me, but at the same time makes me sad, that literally no one even thinks about an option that a liberal conservative position in relation to politics, human life and (or) evolution would be possible.

It does not surprise me, that The Guardian, abandoning liberal positions years ago, confronts liberals with conservatives. And is it is quite obvious if you compare the title of the article and the header, that they understand left as liberal and right as conservative. I do not take non liberal – collectivist media and intellectuals as relevant interpreters of reality for many years and not only after latest debacle with Donald Trump. My thesis is that they are making such mistakes exactly for the reason that conservative-liberal position is in their blind spot. The reason why this position is in their blind spot lies in terrible option for them:  should they accept its objectivity, they would have to accept that they have moved from liberal position to extreme left, meaning that they are as much anti-liberal as extreme right movements.

I have developed political brane topology years ago. So far I could not falsify its validity. It helped me very much in my personal and professional strivings to understand what is going on around me. It did not helped me in my conversations with but few friends. In best case friends take me as a friend that has a privilege to be crazy, in worst case we have arguments that lead nowhere. But in the end we have a lot of fun, since we are friends and I offer them stuff to be passionate about.

On the other hand It surprises me that true liberals (that do not belong neither to right collectivist nor to left collectivist ideologies) do not grasp this option. Should they take it seriously it would allow them to gain serious advantage from such repositioning.

As the matter of fact it surprised me up to this moment. It does not surprise me any more. As it happens so often I did not have a clue about when I started to write this post. Resolution came while writing: I have to upgrade political brane topology interpretation. One should not find collectivistic tensions only on extreme left and right but also up in progressivism. What I want to say is that as liberal progressivist you can not but follow collectivist values. One can not appreciate individual supremacy over the state if he places the final goal somewhere outside a man into a Heaven or any other Utopia.

So I have to upgrade interpretation of the graph. The Guardian is liberal progressivist in such a way that is liberal in avoiding fascists left or right extremes, but as progressivist cannot accept individual sovereignty. Exactly this inability inhibited all “liberal” media to understand that Donald Trump is liberal as much as he clearly puts individual above collective. So we know that he has his position somewhere in the bottom of my graph, but we cannot yet be sure on which side (extremism) or even if he succeeds to keep the centre.

That upgrade would also explain differences between various collectivists. For instance: Catholic church collectivism might be slightly on the left side of progressivism under present Papa Franciscus and more on the right side under Papa Benedictus. Extreme right fascist movements are far right from the liberal line but at the same time as high on progressivist line as The Guardian. And so on. (This analysis of specific entities is extremely ad hoc and might need some further refurbishment.)

What has to be accepted though is that liberal conservative position (down in the middle) is the only position that is both: not extreme and accepting sovereignty of individual. And since it is obviously so difficult to understand that only sovereign individuals (egoistic individuals) can constitute really strong liberal community, I have long accepted the fate of being mocked when presenting evolutionary necessity of being liberal conservative if you want to make best for you and for society at large. To be precise: I name this position homonism.



Andrej Drapal