Perception is reality

It is hard to object that perception is part of reality. Perception is real as much as daffodils. It is also hard to object that (parts of) reality influence on (parts of) reality. It follows then that perception influences (other parts) of reality. This simple logical conclusion lies parallel to well known (but not accepted) saying that perception is reality when we want to point out for instance that thermometer might show 30 degrees celsius but one could still perceive (feel) like being cold.

Quantum theory (concept) as explaining quantum reality and relativity (concept) as explaining space-time reality gave chance to scientists to apprehend that what was before unconceivable (irrational) as rational. We now know that perception on the smallest magnitude of photon changes that what is observed. Perception changes reality. Ancient philosophy already foretold such truth, but at that time quantum effects could not be explained scientifically, and were thus understood irrational. Nowadays such quantum effects became rational by being explained by mathematical language.

Humans are able to develop extended phenotypes in perceived reality (rationality) only. We cannot develop artefacts smaller or larger than our perception allows. With extended perception (towards quantum and space time) we are expanding reality in which we can build extended phenotypes. Should contemporary scientific theories about more than 4 traditional dimensions become testable and results repeatable, we are going to develop extended phenotypes in 10+ dimensions in the future. As it was irrational for Aristotle to claim, that it is possible to develop extended phenotypes on cellular magnitude level, so it is for us to claim that 10+ dimension objects are possible. That is why we should understand that space-time is already objective reality even though it cannot be illustrated. Like human eye cannot see light spectrum outside ultra violet (we cannot make an illustration of ultra violet), we are able to represent UV with other tools than illustrations. We have developed extended phenotypes that are representing us UV regardless the fact that we cannot see it.

For that reason it follows that perception has locality. It has a shape as much as electron has a shape. Perception has physical objectivity and is not only a vague psychological concept. It thus follows that perception is as much reality as is reality perception. Reality is nothing but perception. If understood from this standpoint that it is clear that perception is not subjective. Perception is not relativistic. If we say that perception is reality we do not claim that anything goes as long as I wish that it goes this or that way. To say that reality is perception disentangles perception from subjectivity and relativism. 

To be more practical let us follow temperature perception case. If one feels cold and another warm in the same environment that does not mean that one is right and one is wrong. It only means that one creates (with his perception) different reality than another. They co-create two distinct realities existing in same time and space. That the science cannot apprehend those two realities does not mean that science fails. It is both scientifically true that there are 30 degrees celsius in the environment where one feels cold and another warm and unscientifically true that one is cold and another warm despite they both scientifically agree about the measurement. This example is at the same time the simplest possible argument about tremendous limitations that all sciences face a-priori. What science explains is a proven fact, but there is much more in the same reality that science cannot explain by definition.

But that does not mean that reality that cannot be defined by science is irrational in the sense that it is false. Irrationality of perception is as solid objectivity as daffodils. It only cannot be defined by science. In this sense perceptional irrationality does not resemble to irrational numbers in mathematics. Irrational numbers in mathematics are as much rational as they are manageable and also scientifically explained. As such they already help us to extend our space in which we create extended phenotypes.

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Andrej Drapal