Quantum and relativity laws influence on human size

It is often said that quantum entanglement, non-locality, time-space curvature and other laws and events from dimensionas that are much smaller and much larger than “human” sizes are valid, but are valid only for those dimensions and not for human size dimensions. Implications of this widely repeated scientific “truth” are many, but the most intriguing is the one, that pushes all paranormal, all “religious” … events outside science.

It is self-evident according to this widely accepted notion, that non-locality as a basic rule that governs some spooky paranormal events is not the same non-locality that rules quantum dimensions. With the following I argue that “Spooky action at distance” that was rejected by Albert Einstein when laws of quantum dimension were discovered is powered by the same law as paranormal telepathy for instance. Paranormal deja-vu and clairvoyance powers of certain individuals are explicable by the same laws as Time-space travel forth and back in time (of our size) as being explained through time-space curvature of our universe by the same Einstein. As much as newtonian laws are pertinent for extremely large and extremely small sizes (less and less with the increase and decrease of size), quantum and relativity laws are pertinent for human sizes and life developed in this size. As there is no discontinuity between 1m and space-time dimension of relativity, there is no discontinuity between newtonian and quantum and relativity laws.

Video: The laws of nature.

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Andrej Drapal

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