Quantum sniffs

We are closer and closer to unify the quantum reality with our macro reality. New Scientist article expands quantum reality to macro world of smell. Previous notion that different molecules trigger different smell has to be abandoned. In fact same molecules trigger different smells with different quantum vibrations.\n\nThe term “vibration” is not as selfevident as it seems. What I would like to fetch with this sentence is: when pokies online australia we say in everyday colloquial language that something or someone “vibrates” certain qualities, we are in fact talking in quantum language about quantum reality. “Vibration” is not new age, poetic, romantic, religious … notion of reality, but reflects profound quantum reality even though not reflected in so called scientific language. Buddhism is quantum state of mind – but deeply analogue in time-space relativity in the same time.\n\n\\\\nNew Scientist\\\\n

Andrej Drapal