Sharing economy scam

Nomen est omen.

It is so easy to understand what sharing economy stands for. You just have to take words literally. It is economy that is obsessed by sharing and not by creating. How shared products are produced is not important. Products just grow on trees! What is important that “we” share them. Rooms, cars, travels, tools, … “just are” – and then they are shared. Money grow on trees; we do have only one issue to solve: how to share it. Stalin’s wet dreams.

Sharing economy fascination thus share the same ideology as circular economy and many other posts on this page. It is an evolved communist tool disguised under a soft form of “as-if-it-was-an-upgraded-economy-step”. As such disguised tool it is not not only disgusted but also extremely dangerous. For it is not easy to understand what are real forces behind.


Andrej Drapal