What to write when not writing?

I have just finished brandlife.

With this I don’t mean that I have ceased some Brand to live. Hope not. On the contrary! Hope brands will live even more after that. After what? Certainly not after my work is done, but after someone reads it and appreciate it.

Wow! How pretentious. I even don’t want to think about all possible options that are not in my hands any more. (Are they really not?- I know the answer though, but it does not fit to this post.)

Anyway, I haven’t really finished brandlife. All 256 pages are written, but I will do some polishing and de-polishing (I basically hate everything that shines). And language expert is just about to send me back all that will not fit into present language expectations of English native speakers reading something written by Slovenian, bold enough to write in foreign language about not only branding, where he is at home, but also about some domains he entered late, through back door and with no formal guidance like physics, system dynamics, complexity, evolution, neuroscience and memology. But since he is, sorry, I am certified philosopher, I know that I can allow this intrusion by personal approval of Aristotle.

Anyway: I know I will have to bring my famous designer to prepare cover page, while I will strive to put the book in one or more of self publishing procedures that I only vaguely understand in the present state of my body-mind unity. In the meantime I will hope that some of my much more distinguished friends than I deserve and that promised me (and some, that did not promise me, since they were not asked yet) to evaluate my work, will keep their word. They will, I know. They would not be distinguished would they not (Have you noticed that future deeds influence our past reputation? In that last sentence. I like that).

So I have many things to do to really publish my book. But no more real writing. I already feel depressed. Writing is good, all the rest is nuisance. Necessary, but… So by the act of this post (performative speech act) I have already annihilated the title and the reason for this post. I will write posts about brandlife and me in the period between conception (this moment) and birth (unknown moment in the future when brandlife is going to be handed to cruel world). What a splendid idea. Sort of mind-body therapy. (I will see later why I hate to bring in body into this therapy. I am sure that for good reason.).

This post thus belongs though to the series that begins with: An expedition comes to African village being known as cannibalistic. Chief of the village is asked if it is true that they still eat humans. He answered: “not any more. Yesterday we have eaten the last one!”

Andrej Drapal