Where to find a border between living part of nature and … another part, that is called…???
Definition of living stuff is: “objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes” (Wikipedia) or in more biological terms: objects having reproductive and autocatalytic function.
Life resides in the domain of multicellular beings coming “down” to bacteria, viruses, genes, prions … and further down to computer viruses … Test it on http://golly.sourceforge.net/.
If you link extended phenotype concept with how complex systems are behaving, then it is not difficult to find life being present in all matter, all universe. Not metaphorically! If cell phones are our extended phenotypes (extended sensory system, extended memory, extended …), and their sensations are emerging properties of them as complex systems, then life goes far beyond any graveyard.

In a parallel with decentralized brain functions (where do “I” live) and in a parallel with a question of border between bodies (phenotype and extended phenotype) we should treat Gaia concept (Lovelock) not only as feasible but as even not enough ambitious. Even in this universe and of course even more in multiverse dimension.

Andrej Drapal


  1. a passing thought – isn’t “reproductive” function just a part of a wider “autocatalytic” function?

  2. @bissgets, thanks! Obviously I am reproducing selfevidents from Dawkins (or somebody else as well) not digesting them enough.

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