A life of destination brand

How peculiar branding is, especially destination branding.

Ljubljana became top EU tourist destination in last years mostly due to good brand management. Due to success more and more tourist visit Ljubljana. They are users ob Ljubljana brand. And as users they by the law of branding become owners as much as those of us living in Ljubljana.

The paradox is obvious: more tourists, more destination brand users, less such brand is owned by locals. But since locals only deliver important differentiation quality to destination brand, such brand does not only become alien to locals, but not interesting for tourists as much or even more.

Brands should be like any other living creatures subjected to law of numbers. Like small fish cannot eat larger one, small physical entities that support destination brand, should not eat more than digestible number of tourists. It is easier to stretch memes/brands than physical entities, but the end result is the same. Too much food (tourists) cause harm both to the body that intakes too much food (destination brand) and to the food, tourists that are to be thrown out sooner or later.

Andrej Drapal