Why is Big Brother impossible?

It is in the nature of every complex system to forget. We know this from experience but also second law of thermodynamics proves it. Entropy could be seen as loss of memory. A system in perfect equilibrium has nothing to be remembered since all particles rest in unchanged relations one to another. A system with lower entropy, with higher order,  has something to be forgotten (equalized).

We as humans (complex living systems) are thus subject to the “loss of memory” through time by definition. It is well know that this happens because neuron connections weaken over time. They weaken in any case and they weaken even faster if not in use. That is why we should say, that we do not forget data, we “forget” connections. Data do not represent knowledge, connections do!

Same rule should be applied to “data” stored in digital meta-world. Data might stay, but data without connections have no value. A system with a lot of data bit with no connections has nothing to forget, has no knowledge. So if there exist something like Big Brother, than this something is subjected to same laws of oblivion as you or me.

But then you say: this is exactly what we should be afraid of! The power of Big Brother is to connect data and to acquire certain knowledge about us living in our parallel world. But in this you make a mistake: in a very moment that any connection becomes tangible, it changes its substance from connection to data. When connection is petrified, it becomes data. Connections can only exist as something going and passing in that very moment. They are not tangible. Connections can not be petrified! Knowledge can not be petrified.

For the Big Brother to be in an omnipotent position, in a position in which “he” would have higher knowledge than any human being, “he” should have human like subjectivity. He should be able to live within connections that allow knowledge to emerge. In the very moment that he is an entity that is interpreted by humans, all “his” connections cease to exist as connections and all “he” has ceased to exist as knowledge.

Big Brother is thus theoretically impossible.

Andrej Drapal