As soon as you understand, that power, limited with wisdom and beauty (A letter to a future prime minister ) can by internal force produce nothing but humility that is based on egoism, you cannot but accept that the only productive coercive power that you have, is the power you can execute on yourself.

This statement of homonism does not contradict the statement from the above mentioned letter to the future prime minister, that above all he should have power (to enforce). If power is understood separately from wisdom and beauty (and humility), then this power is abused on others. If power is understood and executed in the interplay with other two forces, then it cannot be performed but to an agent himself. “You can never change others; you can only change yourself” should not be understood as a nice saying, but as an ethical fundament of egoism and humility on one side and as a path towards highest possible level of influence (coercive force) on environment.

Whenever there is even a trace of power separated from other forces found in words or in actions, this trace equals to a trace of totalitarian thinking or collectivistic reasoning. Already a trace of belief, that you can execute the power over any other person, because you are entitled to do that for you have the position or for you have better access to “common interests”, already dismantles any freedom of individual.

Andrej Drapal