What have values to do with energy and power?

What is the link between energy, values and power?

Let us examine this question laterally.

Tourism: Certain destination has excellent natural or cultural or historical potentials but no income from tourism. This means that this destination has high liability towards potentials, but no income, thus much worse result below the line than a destination with no potentials and no income from tourism. Those destinations that succeed to shift most of their potentials to product, yield highest possible revenue. In such cases the obligation towards potentials is covered by revenue and the difference makes the positive result.

The question is thus: what shifts potential into product? What brings potential into the form that is consumable? Marketing articulation. And what is that in marketing articulation that causes the change? Marketing articulation “adds” a structure (information) into potential so that this potential changes from “useless” liability into sellable product.

Energy sector: Water as such is a potential with no value for a production of energy unless harnessed by dams and structured (informatized) by turbines into usable electricity. Not only that water as such represents no value, but is as such a destructive threat in case it is over-abundant. Electricity as something constructive is structuralized water. So far we came closer to energy. To understand power some additional steps are needed.

Economy: Capital is liability per se. Capital that is not structured through the mind/work of humans holds negative value. When criticising capitalism we do make a fatal mistake blaming capital as a major culprit or agent of anything. It is inability of a man to structuralize capital in a productive way that produces flaws in capitalism as much as it is ability of men to structuralize capital that creates added value. To structuralize capital is to “add” some work (some mind/work) to capital. It ia wisdom of men that produces added value. Capital is just a necessary mean or even a tool in this process.

Wisdom: How could we describe wisdom that is a real cause for added value (and lack of wisdom for negative value)? Wisdom is entity of life that gets its direction from values. Wisdom is information structuralized by set of values.

Life: Energy of a man represents negative, destructive force if not harnessed by set of values. Values restructure energy into power. There is no power without the harness of values. This harness is sometimes expressed as ritual, sometimes as initiation and often as socialization or education… There are two necessary structural elements of such “tool” that transforms energy into power: wisdom (structuralized information) and beauty. Beauty is another aspect of informatization. It is expression of change that certain system experiences from chaos to order. Power that is not harnessed by wisdom and order is destructive energy. This rule applies to any kind of energy although it might be interesting to scrutinize dark energy from this point of view. Would dark energy behave differently in this respect? Hard to know since we do not know much about dark energy.

Rituals, dams, turbines, generators, market articulations, work and mind-work… are all serving the same function in the evolution of life: they structuralize potential into something useful; liability into something valuable; negative into positive.

It is thus just to say that values produce value.


Andrej Drapal